Custom Commercial Countertops

Make a statement in your commercial space with a one-of-a-kind concrete countertop. Whether you’re fitting out a commercial kitchen or a board room, a chic art gallery or a stylish reception, you’ll appreciate the versatility, durability and resilience of concrete.

Do you want to make a statement or are you simply after the benefits of a sturdy countertop? Either way, concrete lends an earthy quality and natural aesthetic that suits a wide range of commercial spaces. It can look chic or rustic, minimal or show-stopping – it all comes down to bespoke design.

Quality craftsmanship

Our concrete specialists make every piece from hand for a bespoke look specifically suited to your commercial space. Our customised countertops will help you establish a new office’s style, breathe life into an old workspace or add a new dimension of character to an evolving establishment.

If you want a distinctive commercial space that will impress clients and guests, staff and potential employees, talk to Bespoke Concrete Design. We’ll create your completely unique and utterly stunning commercial countertop.

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